Substance Abuse Detoxification

substance abuse detoxificationAddiction to a substance is a difficult matter to cope with, for the person who is using and for those who care about them, but millions have recovered from substance abuse with proper treatment. Before rehabilitation and counseling can begin, the first step to ending a substance abuse problem is detoxification. This can be done through one of several methods, but should always be the first priority in substance abuse treatment.
When a person knows they require substance abuse treatment, the first step they should take is to work with their primary physician and their addiction treatment center of choice in order to determine what kind of detoxification they require. In less severe substance abuse cases, a person can often detox themselves without medical supervision. But in more severe substance abuse cases, a person will require a medically supervised detoxification for their own safety.
When a person’s substance abuse detoxification is their own responsibility, they are required to abstain from the substance they are addicted to for a certain amount of time, usually no longer than a few weeks. This is so that the person will not at all be under the influence of the substance when their treatment begins, and can approach the treatment with a clear mind. The person’s physician will typically examine them prior to the detoxification and afterward to determine whether or not they are physically healthy enough to enter treatment. 
When a person’s substance abuse is severe, they will be required to enter into a detoxification treatment facility prior to substance abuse counseling and treatment. The reason physicians prescribe this method is that the withdrawal symptoms of prolonged substance abuse can actually be a danger to the person in question. Withdrawing from substances such as alcohol or opiates can create symptoms such as severe nausea and vomitting, and in rare instances, even seizures. It is not safe for someone who has become this dependent on a substance to detox alone, which is why detox centers, with 24-hour medical staffing and symptom relief medication are available.
Many Canadians have high levels of toxicity in their systems and could benefit greatly from professional detoxification services. Still, a majority of Canadians who are in need of a detox will not connect with treatment resources simply because they will not take the first step in learning about them. Do not be one of these individuals. If you are a Canadian struggling with substance abuse issues, reach out to the services of a British Columbia rehab facility, an Ontario substance abuse treatment program or an Alberta drug rehab and detox center.

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