Where do Toxins Come From?

toxins originsDetoxification is a popular process among those who have discovered how toxic some element of their lifestyle is and want to restore their health. A detox plan may include a wide variety of healthy, natural foods, exercise and spa treatments. When a detox is complete, a person’s body chemistry, pH levels and metabolism are functioning much better than they were prior to the detox. We do a great deal to keep toxins out of our systems, but many people do not even know where toxins come from. The fact is, they come from all over.

  • Food. Food is our primary source of toxins as we have more frequent and close contact with food than any other substance, and because it has a lot of potential for toxicity. Poor diets are responsible for disease and malnutrition the world over. Obviously, we all need to eat frequently in order to survive, which means the potential for eating foods that contain toxins is high. Because of how massive earth’s population is and because of how incapable most people are at raising their own food, much of the world’s population depends on toxic processed food that is full of carcinogens, preservatives and chemicals.
  • Recreational substances. High on the list of toxic items are recreational substances such as alcohol and drugs. Alcohol contains very minor health benefits, and becomes toxic to the body when it is consumed in any kind of excess.
  • Medications. Prescribed medications may come from the doctor, but many of them contain toxins. Most medications are safe as long as they are used correctly, as prescribed. However, always research the drug for yourself. You may find that it contains things that you are not comfortable putting in your body.
  • Natural elements. The natural elements around us, such as air, water and earth, contain toxins because of human influence. Nature is still our purest source of non-toxic matter, but toxins are found to exist within it, in some regions much more than others.
  • Household items. Many of our most trusted household items, ones that we clean ourselves and our households with, as well as store our foods in, contain toxins that enter our bloodstreams. It is wise to research which household materials maybe polluting your personal space.

Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Sunshine

natural detoxThe most natural way to detox is by turning to nature and basic bodily necessities. There are many detox plans made available that involve unnatural substances and chemically enhanced health foods. There is no need for such nonsense. Everything you need to detox your body is provided to you by nature. Your needs to eat nourishing foods, get exercise, sleep regularly and get some sunshine are what your physical health craves more than anything.

Your approach to your diet is critical to the success of your detoxification plan. In fact, it is central to it. The things we ingest determine how toxic or how clean our systems are. Those who hydrate properly and ingest foods that are rich with vitamins, minerals and nutrients are already winning half of their detox battle. Those who ingest processed, fatty, sugary, greasy foods, as well as abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol, are raising the toxicity in their bodies.

Getting plenty of exercise that is safe and tailored to each individual body is very important to the success of a detox plan. Exercise is critical to the overall health of a person’s body because of how it manages the chemical make up and structure of our bodies. A person’s metabolism cannot be normal if they do not exercise. Athletic activity is a necessary part of our circulation and of our processing of substances and chemicals, which assists our bodies use nutrients and discard toxins. It also keeps our body fat percentage and our muscle mass in a proper ratio to one another.

Getting proper sleep is surprisingly an essential part of detoxification. None of the body’s systems will work properly when the individual is not sleeping how they should. A person’s metabolism, circadian rhythm, thyroid, GI tract and much more depend upon regular sleep to function properly. A person should sleep eight hours every night at the same times every night.

And lastly, getting sunshine is much more than just a pleasantry. Sunshine creates vitamin D, which is essential to human metabolism. It also alerts the senses that it is time to be awake getting things done, and triggers our energy reserves to keep us functioning at a high level.