What is Detoxification?

detoxificationDetoxification is the process of ridding the body of toxins through various methods. There is more than one way of detoxing, however, the most important part of any detox is following a strict, regimented diet plan in order to achieve an optimal healthier body chemistry. Exercise and physical activity is often associated with a detox, but not in every case. The length a detox goes on is also chosen carefully based on scientific nutritional information.

There is a large amount of information on the internet about detoxification, but sources of information on detoxification should be chosen carefully, as not all of them are based on sound nutrition sciences. Someone interested in undergoing a detox would be well advised to talk to their physician first as the process can negatively affect a person’s health when not done correctly. Depending on how urgent a detox is, a person may be advised to check into a detoxification treatment center, have a medically supervised detox, follow a professional nutritionist’s detox or simply follow a popular, publicly available detox plan.

The reasons someone may want or need a detox are complex, and the necessity of a detox can range in urgency. Perhaps they have been made aware that certain things they have been ingesting are not optimal for bodily health and they want to cleanse their system of its effects. Or, it could be that they have a severe dependency on a substance, such as drugs or alcohol, and a detox from substance abuse is necessary to save their lives. Both are important, but are inspired by very different circumstances. Because of the health ramifications of detoxing, it is important to select a detox process that is medically informed.

Detoxing is initiated for a variety of reasons, and can follow one of many plans, but the underlying reason for any detox is to restore the body to its optimal health. Because what we ingest influences our body chemistry so heavily, it can be necessary at times to logistically reevaluate, monitor and control what we ingest in order to influence our body chemistry in a positive way. Detoxification improves a person’s energy, morale and spirituality also, as it allows the body and the mind to function better on the whole.

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